student comments

​Iowa State University

1st-year composition

“Thanks for being a great teacher Rob.”

“I really liked the instructor. He was a good teacher and he liked what he was doing.”

“The teacher really knows what he is talking about and makes the class fun and enjoyable.”

“Rob is a good guy and a great teacher. A+.”

“This class has challenged me and helped me learn to write better.”

“He is a good instructor and I would take a class taught by him again.”

​“Excellent, effective, comfortable teaching. Great learning atmosphere. Not overly uptight about anything.”

“I enjoyed how he used music to get us to critically think about our subject.”

​2nd-year composition​

“Rob was a very good instructor. He was able to deliver information effectively so everyone could understand.”

“I rate the teaching ability at very good because he attempted to make a dry and boring class interesting.”

“Really good, I liked his teaching style. More new agey.”

“The assignments were challenging, revision even more so; but Mr. Watkins was very good at explaining things.”

“The teaching ability of Mr. Watkins is above many professors that I’ve had prior to this class. He communicates in a way the class can relate with and keeps us entertained with an otherwise bland subject.”​​

“I think that the instructor had a very good understanding of the class subject and knew how to teach it.”

“I rate the instructor’s teaching ability as very effective. I liked how he would use songs to show examples of revision, analysis, etc.”

“The discussions in class and within small groups were very helpful and an eye opener. When a certain issue is brought up, the instructor encourages everyone to participate in debating the issue even if it’s only a very simple or small matter.”

“I think the instructor is good. He has exposed us to a variety of media and encouraged us to think critically.”

“”Rob is an extremely good teacher—he’s funny, interesting, and easy to work with and understand.”

“My instructor was great—very entertaining and had a high teaching ability.”

“I think Rob did an outstanding job of instructing this class. He always kept class fun and entertaining.”

“The teaching ability of my instructor was very high. He was down to earth and could communicate the lesson in easy-to-understand terms.”

“I liked how he treated us as an equal with a casual relationship. Good job of relating material (examples music and current events). Was prepared and kept class flowing well. In a more formal environment, watch opinions a little, but okay for this class. Great overall, more profs should be as flexible.”​

“I liked how he related things to real life. I also liked the examples that he showed us as a form of teaching.”

“He made all of the material we were learning applicable to real life. By using subjects that were relevant to us; he kept our interest throughout class.”

“For a class that’s required and dictated heavily by the university, you were able to add a personal side to the course and make it interesting and effective. Almost every class was enjoyable and mentally stimulating.”

“I have been challenged intellectually throughout this class because I was able to write in different styles I have never written before.”

“I feel Rob did an excellent job with his class and I would recommend him to any other student. I feel like I have learned a lot from his class that I will take to the future with me.”

​“Excellent. More conversational level of interaction as opposed to droning PowerPoints that don’t involve students.”

“I really enjoyed this class because of Mr. Watkins. He made the class enjoyable and made people actually want to attend. His teaching style was very effective. Overall good job!”

“Mr. Watkins cared about our learning and grades.”

“I’m a technology and science guy, but I looked forward to this class and instructor every week. It was very enjoyable. If I get the chance to take another class with Watkins I will.”​


comics composition

“He could easily relate to the students and was good at explaining material.”

“Using comics we learned a new form of medium to get information, which was good but challenging.”

“Robert Watkins was a very good instructor, I would recommend him to others.”

“Robert Watkins did a great job keeping us engaged in the material. He let us revise our work which is encouraging to us to try our best to receive the grade we really want.”

“Not only did we talk about literature and writing, we covered a little bit of linguistics! Interesting.”

“The comics section challenged me to approach a different written and visual medium.”

“I really enjoyed the creativeness of the assignments, it was nice to do something other than the same assignments I’ve been doing for ten years. I also liked the dialogue of the class.”

“Mr. Watkins was a great teacher. He was very intelligent about everything and presented info in a way that was interesting and relatable to the students.”

“I enjoyed this class and like coming to it. I also learned a lot.”

“Very good at teaching, actually made me want to come to class. Thought comics were interesting way of reading and learning.”

“Class was never boring, he used good examples that helped [us] learn content.”

“I loved the whole mood of this class. Being comfortable really helped me want to do well and apply myself. You had a sort of transparency of action and process that I also really appreciated.”​

“His ability to teach is great. It makes me feel a little bit more comfortable taking an English class (I hate English normally).”

“I think Mr. Watkins is a very good teacher. He’s professional when he needs to be, but keeps things light so that class isn’t really boring.”

“I thought he was a good teacher. I liked the exploration of comics as it was new, different, and interesting.”

“I was challenged when it came to writing and constructing our comics. I have never done an assignment like that before and it really made me think outside the box and out of my comfort zone.”

“He did an excellent job teaching and I think he will do very well in the future in developing his teaching style.”

“I rate the teaching ability for Robert very well, he was a fun teacher that made class fun and enjoyable. I would recommend him.”

“Overall I have enjoyed this class. I feel you can relate to us and I’ve learned to see things differently throughout different mediums. Never before had I analyzed music, ads, or comics. It was an interesting transition.”


business communication

“Class had a very good variety. Instructor did a great job of mixing things up (discuss chapter, group work, etc.).”

“I really enjoyed his collection of ties.”

“I really enjoyed his laidback attitude because it made him approachable.”

“He is a 10. Easy to keep me interested in class material on a daily basis.”

“I thought the instructor was well above average compared to other ISU instructors. He kept a boring class fun and interesting, while still teaching at a high level.”

“Mr. Watkins did a good job of showing how the various assignments apply in day-to-day life.”

“Mr. Watkins made taking the class for a second time painless and enjoyable.”

“I would rate this instructor as very good compared to other instructors I have had at ISU. I really enjoyed having Robert as my teacher.”

“He has been my favorite instructor yet. He kept class lively while still not wasting time. Most professors are incapable of making class interesting and letting us learn at the same time.”

“I like that it was a very straight-forward class. He had an assignment each week that was something actually useful in the real world. I learned more things I can actually use later on than most other classes. It also was entertaining and class was fun.”

Much more energetic than most teachers and made class time enjoyable.”

“One of the best professors I’ve taken here at ISU. He related very well to students. Very easy to talk to. Glad I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Watkins and take his class.”

“Best English professor ever. Need to keep around. He does a great job and makes class enjoyable.”

“He was very helpful and did his best to make sure students were successful in his class.”

“Robert Watkins is great compared to other instructors I’ve had at ISU. I’ve had math and biology instructors that cannot teach the material to the class; the instructors know their material but are unable to present it in a way that the students can learn. Watkins is able to present the material in a way that students learn from it. He is also down to earth and approachable; students can actually ask questions and talk to him during class.”

“Our instructor was very fun and easy to talk to and those are great qualities to have in a teacher because not many teachers are like that at all. The was also professional when need be.”

“Didn’t like the course but the instructor was good.”

“Robert Watkins made me look forward to classes, kept classes interesting and fun. Always had an outside-the-box example for every subject.”

“Hilarious, genuine, open, + smart = Robert Watkins.”

“Mr. Watkins had great class discussions and showed many interesting videos that related to class work.”

“Made great effort to get to know students and our thoughts.”

I would say Rob related 100x better to his students compared to other professors. He is very willing to give feedback and uses interesting examples. He encourages participation and opinions. 15 out of 10.”

“He really made learning fun and enjoyable. I was actually interested in the material thanks to him.”

“I thought he was among my best instructors here.”​

technical communication

“Strength of this course was the relation of real-world examples of technical writing.”

“I liked how the general atmosphere was really relaxed, but you were very straightforward and helpful when addressing questions and concerns!”

“A++++ would study again.”

“I’d rate the instructor for this section higher than other instructors because the course progressed at a steady rate with well-placed assignments.”

“I enjoyed going to this class more than any other class I have taken at Iowa State.”

“On par with the greatest instructors. Makes time very enjoyable.”

“He is in my top 5 favorite professors at ISU.”

“Comfortable and open, better than any instructor I’ve had.”

“He was very effective with his teaching methods. Loved all of his insight and ability to teach on our level.”

“I absolutely HATE English and English courses. But I loved Rob, he was awesome.”

“Rob did a great job of taking us through the main points of the book to give us the necessary experience with technical writing.”

“Rob is an awesome instructor. He knows when to have fun and when to be serious. Even with my general disdain for English classes. I looked forward to class with Rob.”

“Rob did an amazing job compared to other instructors at ISU. He made coming to class enjoyable and also taught us stuff. It’s rare to find a class where you learn something and meeting isn’t boring.”

“He presented the material in a way that made you think. Used odd and thought-provoking examples to express his goals for the day.

“The friendly, calm atmosphere of class helped to present sometimes boring material in a positive and fun way.”

“Rob is a great instructor. He is very helpful, keeps things interesting and seems to care about his students and helping succeed. He was interesting to listen to.”

“I enjoyed your style of teaching. It made me feel like I’m 21 not 12.

“Robert made me want to go to class even on Friday afternoons because one can feel that he obviously likes to teach.”

“I have grown intellectually through studying under the instructor and have gained communication skills which will be valuable in a corporate setting.”

“Though English is my least enjoyable subject in my educational aspects. This instructor’s teaching ranks among all my other instructors at ISU.”

“I feel it was very practical. I will be able to use things from this class in my professional career.”

“Awesome, fun in clase, and a fair, but hard, grader—sweet combo.”

“I really liked the setup of the class. Overall Rob was a tough grader, but I believe that he was truly trying to make us better writers. His light-hearted classes made attending class easy and fun. I feel that after this class I am a better technical writer.”

“I learned to proofread in a different style than before.”

“Everything was taught appropriately, and we were even taught stuff not on the syllabus, i.e., resumes.

“I would rate Robert very highly. He showed respect for students’ work, but did offer appropriate criticism.”

“I think I am more confident in my writing after the few assignments we had over the summer.”

I have gotten a lot better at technical writing. I also learned a great deal about grammar and spiders, geography.”

“This course offered great skills and material concerning writing in the professional field. The instructor is awesome.”

“This instructor is fun, professional, and easy to understand. ISU should keep him around for a while!”


biological communication 

“Robert always made a point to include everyone in class discussions and I felt like we had the freedom to voice our opinions on assignment criteria and reading assignments.”

“He adjusted activities in the class and assignments to tailor them to this group of students’ needs.”

“Coming to class was awesome!”

“I haven’t felt this connected with a professor since high school.”

“He showed interest in the topic and I felt that us learning and becoming better writers was his main objective.”


​Utah Valley University

“He articulated everything very well.”

“Made class very simple and basic.”

“He really helped me to explore my mind and keep an open mind about certain things. He also helped me to find other possible issues in the world and build on it.”

“Rob is really relaxed and isn’t scary to approach, if you have any questions he will answer them without making you feel stupid. I really like this class a lot!”

​“He actually wanted all of his students to succeed. He listened to everyone’s opinions and provided examples that were relatable.”

“If we ever had any questions about anything in the class he would take time to talk with us individually.”

“Very friendly and approachable if you have any questions.”

“Rob is a very nice guy who wanted the best for his students and you could tell. He was always there for questions and we knew what was expected of us.”


​Salt Lake Community College​

“I thought he was an excellent teacher, he makes it fun to learn and I actually enjoy coming to class.”

“His allowance to be open with your thoughts [contributed most to my learning].”

“I liked that we listened to songs and related them to what we were learning.”

“The teacher approaches things with a different angle. I understand things clearer when he teaches.”

“Talking with the teacher in class and him taking examples to help me learn concepts [contributed most to my learning].”

“Everything I’m learning in this class is helping me in other classes.”

“Awesome job! Loved you as a teacher!”

“Cool teacher. Totally chill and knows his stuff.”

“Mr. Watkins is a great teacher. Very pleasant and respectful.”

“This is one of my favorite classes. I enjoy coming and writing the papers. At the beginning just talking about current events was sweet.”

“I like how you teach this class. I really like the teacher/student reviews.”

“I love this class!”

“The instructor was amazing, always engaged, very open minded. Instructor presented new ideas and ways of thinking.

“I like the open speaking. Everyone gets to give points of view.”

“We had good discussions. You made everyone’s opinion count.”

“I learned a lot from the discussions and how to write papers better. [I] learned from [the discussions] but he made them fun.”

“The discussion in the class is incredible.”

“Amazing class. Amazing teacher.”

“Mr. Watkins worked with the class in making it feel like a group effort. The atmosphere created was comfortable.”

(class I had to rescue from an instructor who left after three weeks; I inherited a hostile class that I had to placate)

“It was great to start each class just chatting about ‘whatever.’ It helped get everyone relaxed and in ‘chat mode’ for discussion time.”

“In some aspects it broadened my view in writing visually.”

“It really helped me think more broadly regarding our assignment. It related a lot to everyday life.”

“I have really enjoyed the class and have learned a lot along the way.”

“I appreciate the extra help the teacher was willing to give.”

“I loved class. Thank you.”


​Utah State University

“Rob is tight.”

“I really enjoyed his teaching. He has got skills.”

He used teaching methods that the students could relate to, like music. It put the format of the assignment into a visual.”

“[He] was very easy to talk to and answered any questions about the material or assignments.”

“Rob helped take the stress out of writing and helped me to actually enjoy it.”

“I felt that Rob’s ability to come up with odd examples was excellent, and his descriptions and ability to really make us understand the course assignments was above expectations.”

“Rob made teaching more fun than any English teacher I’ve had.”​

“I liked the way he explained assignments by using stories, music, and good examples.”

“Robert’s witty and timely humor made the class more fun.”

“Robert had enthusiasm for the course and was prepared an gave good instruction. Overall he made it fun.”

“The learning atmosphere was great.”

“He was very enthusiastic and made class enjoyable but maintained a good learning environment.”

“The atmosphere of the class was really good.”

“He made it really easy to ask questions and to get a hold of him if we needed help. He explained things really well.

“Robert was really easy to talk to and relate to so the class was very comfortable. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or voice my opinion. He was also good at answering questions and keeping the class interesting.”

“I like how the instructor used music to introduce new ideas and he was passionate about writing and so it helped me to be more open to writing.

“Rob had a great amount of enthusiasm, and you could tell that he really enjoys teaching.”


Rate My Professors

Utah Valley University

“Rob is the best teacher I have ever had. Seriously he is! Would recommend him to anyone needing any type of English course. He knows the material and has a fantastic way of teaching it so that everyone understands.”

“I hated English classes, but this one was enjoyable . . . Good teacher. Take him.”

“He was a great teacher! I never really liked English at all before his class, he made us all really want to come to class. If you want a great teacher, who knows a lot about English, choose him!”


​Iowa State University​

“Super awesome guy, doesn’t do busy work type stuff so make sure you actually spend time on your paper and do the revisions allowed. Humor is kind of weird, but not in that cheesy professory way, so funny sometimes.”

“He is a genuinely nice teacher who keeps the class’s attention.”

“Greatest teacher I’ve ever had.”