about me

Welcome: This is my portfolio. This is my passion. This is my cv. This is me. Stick around a bit and explore.

Hello, my name is Robert Watkins and I am an assistant professor of English at Idaho State University, where I am busy teaching technical communication, professional writing, composition, pedagogical theory, and writing research. It’s a great place to be and an amazing staff to be surrounded by. Open office doors abound on our floor at ISU, and you’ll find mine ajar as well, inviting students–and you, dear reader–to come in and sit for a while. An open chair, as well as office walls plastered in popular culture and rhetorical images, beckons. We can discuss professional correspondences and resumes, technical communication, science communication, composition, critical thinking, comics, literature analysis, or even a little bit of creative writing–whatever is needed. And that’s how I like it: open and accessible. My schooling here is almost done and I’m looking forward to establishing another cozy office at a friendly institution where we can spark up a conversation and work on writing. Feel free to check out  http://robertwatkins.brandyourself.com/

In the meantime, let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to. Aside from teaching various courses and even winning an award for it, I’ve been busy researching, presenting, and writing about my dissertation topic: comics as visual literacy and multimodality. Titled Sequential Rhetoric: Combining Progymnasmata and Critical Pedagogy to Teach Comics as Visual Rhetoric, I explore using comics as a form of visual literacy to both analyze and compose in. The research explores inherent privileges granted to mediums while rooting the teaching approach in ancient Quintillian rhetoric to show how and why it could be taught. It’s been a fun journey and it reflects some of my main research loves: visual rhetoric, critical pedagogy, multimodality, ancient rhetoric, progymnasmata, and popular culture. Outside of my dissertation, I collaborated on a visual analysis on X-Men fashion and commercialism in a comics chapter for the upcoming book Ages of X-Men . I’m collaborating on an online comics version of my dissertation for Digital Humanities Quarterly. A few yeas back, I also published a video on Kairos.

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